Universal Discovery

OpenText Universal Discovery and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) automatically collects (by discovery or integrations), reconciles, manages, and presents configuration data for hardware, software, applications, services, and their interdependencies across on-premises and multi-cloud IT environments.

Multi-cloud and on-premises discovery: Manage your IT transformation with advanced discovery for on-premises, private and public cloud, containerized, and virtual environments including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, and more

Machine learning discovery: Software discovery powered by machine learning for advanced software asset management, including ability to recognize proprietary software

Real-time discovery: Accurately document and map changes in cloud environments with realtime discovery based on events and changes

Universal CMDB

Policies and compliance: Define rules and policies for configuration items and apply to any group of CIs for increased data quality and configuration compliance across all IT environments

Assisted service modeling: Improve service management quality via impact change analysis, incident, monitoring, and compliance

Improved change management: Understand impacts, identify service disruption sources, and authorize changes with knowledge of the entire environment, from services to infrastructure

Key benefits

Universal Discovery

  • Constantly up-to-date, real-time dynamic views of configuration management data

  • Multi-cloud and on-premises discovery to manage hybrid IT

  • Reliable and automated discovery across any security constraints, network requirements, or compute platforms needed

  • Effective service modeling for improved IT service and operations management

  • Easy to use and share configuration data across all of IT for improved change management, incident response, monitoring, and compliance

  • Full software discovery and utilization across all devices and environments, including cloud, containers, and endpoints.

Universal CMDB

  • Data quality can be managed and reported, so you have a more complete and accurate CMDB

  • Impacts of future changes can be identified so lines of business can be prepared for planned downtime

  • Impacts from downed systems can be modelled so IT support can resolve problems faster

  • Failure analysis and CI change logs help identify the root causes of issues for more efficient responses

  • Software with known security vulnerabilities can be easily located to keep your enterprise more secure

Breadth and Depth of Discovery

  • Private cloud compute resources from OpenStack, VMware vCloud, and Cloud Foundry

  • Virtual servers from VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix, Citrix, Oracle VM, HPE, IBM, Solaris, Red Hat, and Xen

  • Virtual environment managers from VMware (vCenter), Microsoft (SCVMM), and Red Hat (RHEVM)

  • Container technologies such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm, and Docker, including AWS ECS and EKS, Azure AKS, and Google GKE

  • Consistency of cloud discovery results between Universal Discovery and Operations Bridge (OpsB)

  • Discovery of public cloud resources with either a Windows-based or Linux-based discovery probe

  • Oracle audit support via LMS


Comprehensive Scalable Discovery:

Discovery for large, distributed enterprise IT en vi ron ments that scales to hundreds of thousands of servers and workstations. Flexible deployment options including agent-based and agentless discovery, and capabilities to discover both inventory and dependencies using the same product. Leverage Windowsbased or Linux-based discovery deployment. Discovery of network and storage devices is provided as well.

Customizable Dashboards:

Easy access to data and reports through a web-based user interface. See both topology and textual representation of the configuration data, and view business services with all their dependent components.

Policy management allows CI level policy definitions and compliancy reporting.

Multi-Cloud Discovery:

Comprehensive multi-cloud discovery that includes all the major public and private cloud platforms. Extensive discovery for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Kubernetes, and OpenStack.

Integrations & APIs:

Out-of-the-box integrations with many OpenText and 3rd-party products (Microsoft SCCM, IBM LMT, etc.) to leverage the data within other platforms such as: ITSM (OpenText, ServiceNow, BMC, etc.), Monitoring, Asset Management and more. Well documented REST APIs to enable customized integrations with other products.

Our services

Strategy and plannning

  • Service Asset and Configuration Management processes and policies

  • Discovery strategy

  • Integration model

Advanced Configuration Services

  • Discovery jobs customization

  • Changes in discovery solution design

  • Advanced Reporting and Reconcilation rules development

  • Custom integrations

  • Customizations of CMDB model

Initial Deployment

  • Infrastructure sizing and design

  • Installation of central management server, discovery probes

  • Discovery of technologies in scope

  • Reports and Integrations

Managed Services

  • Incident handling

  • Regular upgrades and updates

  • Component healthchecks

  • Discovery and integration jobs monitoring

  • Custom Service Level Agreement