Appdynamics is a tool that enables businesses to track, analyze, and optimize the performance of applications. It provides real-time insights into various metrics like response times, error rates, and resource usage, helping you identify and resolve performance issues quickly.

Main Features

Correlate full stack performance with key business metrics like conversions and quickly resolve issues before they impact the bottom line.

Visualize every component of your infrastructure from server, to database, to hybrid and cloud native environments - supporting optimal application performance.

Measure the digital experience between your users and your applications and ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience at every touch point.

See the external networks your applications rely on, to gather insights and quickly resolve issues with any ISP, SaaS, DNS or third-party provider.

Identify root cause of application problems in real time, from 3rd party APIs down to code level issues, so your support teams can quickly remediate the issue.

Detect application code and security vulnerabilities in minutes with unified business, performance and security insights.

Use cases

1/ Identify and resolve issues prior to release

Automatically generate application flow maps that dynamically update with every release. Leverage machine learning and intelligent baselining to determine when and how application performance deviates from normal

2/ Serverless monitoring

Deliver a flawless user experience that leverages highly scalable serverless application functions. Gain full visibility from the end-user to back- end application performance using a single unified observability platform.

3/ Cloud migration

Plan, execute, and quickly address any technical and performance issues with an end-to-end view of every application, hybrid cloud infrastructure element, or network function that your business depends on.

4/ Cloud native monitoring

Observe cloud application performance in real-time with solutions for the most popular enterprise cloud native services, including AWS, Azure, GCP and OpenShift® monitoring.

5/ Microservices

Baseline and measure business transaction health across relevant microservices and containers (e.g., AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes) for greater operational and organizational efficiency.

Supported technologies and integrations

Supported frameworks

  • Java

  • .NET

  • PHP

  • C++

  • Go

  • Python

Supported Databases

  • Oracle

  • MS SQL

  • Postgres

  • MySQL

  • DB2

  • Sybase IQ/ASE


  • Jira

  • ServiceNow

  • Splunk

  • Cisco ACI

Detailed Features

End user monitoring

Identify end user issues at the source

  • Monitor key metrics across any device, browser or third-party service to make sure emerging issues don't become major problems.

Follow the user experience

  • Experience Journey Mapping charts the most trafficked application paths and evaluates their performance.

  • See how customers interact with your app and identify opportunities for optimization.

  • With a full view across the entire web and mobile application experience, Experience Journey Mapping supports all stakeholders in your digital experience - from application owners to IT operations and developers alike

Mobile and web user experience

  • With browser and mobile real user monitoring (RUM), optimize customer journeys across devices, operating systems and browser types like never before to drive business results.

  • Rapidly identify application issues, glitches, crashes, network requests and page load details.

  • With mobile real user monitoring, understand how users interact with your mobile apps across devices, OS and browser types - from the tap of a finger, to a code event, to infrastructure activity.

End to end context

  • With synthetic monitoring, observe the availability and performance of web applications and APIs to spot problems before your customers know they exist.

  • With Application Dependency Monitoring, users can discover external service dependencies, recommend new ThousandEyes network tests to monitor those dependencies and automate test creation with preconfigured templates to increase coverage.

  • Advanced correlation with real user monitoring, networking monitoring and APM data provides in-depth triage and troubleshooting capabilities for faster MTTI and MTTR.

Application Performance Monitoring

Connect IT teams to business results

  • Unify your IT teams through end-to-end observability of code level transactions affecting the KPIs that matter most to your business, such as conversion and revenue.

Fix anomalies in real time

  • Cognition Engine uses machine learning to automate anomaly detection and drastically reduce MTTR with instant root cause diagnostics.

Manage hybrid environments

  • Migrate confidently to the cloud with real time, automated performance insights before, during, and after the process. Simplify even the most complex hybrid environments with a consolidated view of application services and infrastructure.

Business Performance Monitoring

Maximize business performance

  • Business process visibility - By strategically ranking customer interactions based on their impact to the business, improving SLAs, service adoption and other critical performance KPIs

  • User experience - Whether a seamless checkout or a hassle-free login, every digital touch point matters more than ever. Perfect the moments that breathe life into your brand with precise, actionable insights

  • Business Journey Mapping surfaces contextual insights that show you how performance impacts your application’s key business transactions. Automatically capture errors, crashes, network requests, page load details and other metrics for an entire user session

  • User Journey Dashboards visualize key business metrics across user conversion or other milestones in the customer journey.  Understand the impact on your business when users abandon your application due to latency or other potential performance challenges

  • Release validation allows you to measure the impact of a new software release or an event (for example, cloud migration) based on revenue generated, conversion rate or other KPIs to better understand its impact on your business

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure performance impact

  • Avoid downtime by tying critical business and user experience outcomes to events within your hybrid environment.

  • Scale smarter through hybrid infrastructure monitoring that prioritizes KPIs affecting business results like revenue.

  • Easily automate data collection and correlate cloud native services to application code, user experience outcomes and their impact on your business metrics.

  • Quickly isolate performance issues in cloud native environments with purpose-built observability for your managed Kubernetes workloads and containerized applications.


  • With ITOps and InfraOps working together from a shared context, detect root cause faster by breaking down team silos.


  • Automate actions to prevent mid-performance risks and deliver the required functionality around application and infrastructure telemetry, dashboards, roles and application profiles.

Network Monitoring

LAN, WAN, Public internet

  • Explore the bi-directional, out-of-the-box integration of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes that brings application observability and network intelligence data together

  • Correlate application performance with the networks, APIs and cloud-based services your business relies on to isolate application issues from underlying network disruptions

  • Visualize end user, application, internet, and hybrid-cloud backend performance metrics in one place to gain a proactive view of the entire application delivery chain

Shared visibility of application and network teams

  • Collaborate across applications or the network — even outside your comfort zone. Simplify reporting across AppOps, SRE and NetOps teams, and benefit from the widest possible support as you grow

  • Avoid war rooms and finger-pointing by enabling IT operations to triage and escalate problems to the right team, and move easily between application and network to get to the root cause, fast

Security Monitoring

Identify and block threats to keep your business safe

Protect your applications and correlate app performance and security insights without overhead or friction.

  • Unlock application security insights without deploying additional agents and get everyone on the same page to act decisively

  • Detect application code dependency and configuration-level security vulnerabilities in production with automatic runtime protection

  • Continuously monitor vulnerabilities to find and block exploits automatically, maximizing speed and uptime while minimizing risk

Prioritize response by business impact

With combined application and security monitoring, see clearly how vulnerabilities and incidents may impact the business to strategically prioritize your resources and responses.

  • Automatically locate how and where an attack may occur within common application workflows such as login, search or checkout and instantly understand the potential revenue impact

  • Correlate security details with application topologies for unified visibility into the impacted service area, helping teams focus on incidents that matter most

  • Make data driven decisions quickly based on the highest risk levels and the overall business impact

Prevent breaches with RASP

Cisco Secure Application is the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution for modern applications, keeping both your users and your digital business happy by defending against attacks to prevent breaches.

  • Protect application communications without additional firewalls or proxies

  • Automatically block threats in real-time to safeguard customer data, organizational IP and your brand equity

  • Simplify the life cycle of vulnerability fixes and see what is happening inside the code to prevent known exploits

Secure your apps from the inside out

Detect application code and security vulnerabilities in minutes — not months — with unified business, performance and security insights.

Our Services

Strategy and planning

  • Assessment of your existing infrastructure, applications, and performance metrics.

  • We collaborate with your team to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

  • Roadmap based on identified gaps and measurable KPIs how to close them

Advanced Configuration Services

  • Business transaction detection (specific sensor settings e.g. for jobs running in the background), Business transaction naming definition (e.g. based on metadata)

  • Transaction analytics - business impacts, detailed transaction decomposition, definition of custom metrics

  • Definition of application error conditions and slowdowns,

  • Definition of Health rules and alerts, Specific dashboards

  • Integration of custom metrics from scripts and third-party tools into AppDynamics for evaluation and display in dashboards

Initial Deployment Services

  • Deploying monitoring agents

  • Configuring alerts and notifications, and integrating with existing systems.

  • Guidance on data collection, analysis, and reporting processes to ensure you have a solid foundation for ongoing performance management.

Managed Services

  • Regular reports, actionable insights, and recommendations for optimization, allowing clients to focus on their core operations while ensuring optimal platform health and adoption.

  • Ongoing support with engineer speaking local language, troubleshooting, and performance tuning to maintain consistent application performance levels.