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We help our clients improve quality and performance of IT operations.

The Challenge

Applications are the backbone of every business. They rely on good code, resilient and scalable infrastructure, responsive support processes, and the ability to detect when things go wrong

Understand application performance

Automate configuration management

Manage high performing teams

The Technology

We constantly challenge competitive position of our preffered vendors, to make sure we build our solutions on right technology. We evaluate vendors ability to innovate and deliver good product support.


Full Stack Observability

With growing complexity of applications and pace of change, its even more challenging to configure monitoring solution to detect expected failures. Observability prepares you to collect data from various angles and surface incidents, when they happen. Best practice is to collect Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces from infrastructure, aplication and web/mobile apps.

Event Management

Central Event Management for single system of engagement for IT Ops & Dev teams helps automate incident response with routing, remediation and auto-close. Root cause analysis based on detailed timeline of events and AI detected anomalies. Event management correlates discrete events with CMDB and Service catalogue structures for faster and acurate incident assignment.

IT Service Management

Servicedesk for IT support functions enables teams to collaborate on Incidents and Problems, have visibility and trust in Configuration supported by CMDB with reliable autodiscovered data. Align your resources with outcomes expected by clients with Service Catalogue. Leverage AI capabilities by virtual agents or advanced solution recommendation for your operators.

Infrastructure & Platforms

Design of physical, virtual and cloud based infrastructure on AWS, GCP or Azure by certified consultants. Software defined storage & networking. Container platforms, hybrid architectures and high performance computing. Advisory on architecture and component selection. Solution delivery including installation and managed services with SLA.

Endpoint management

Discovery and identification of all IT assets, centralizate system configuration and security compliance. Improve operational hygiene with streamline patching and software deployment process. Improve collaboration between Operations and Security, reduce false positives signals flowing to your SIEM/SOAR solution

Data Applications

Scalable and resilient bigdata storage platforms. On-Premise AI platforms for automated machine learning for text, images, audio and training large language models. Model deployment and operations. Collaborative platforms for management of datascience projects. Installation, Integration, Operations and Managed services

Our Services & Consulting

The foundation of our business is strategic advisory, followed by solution implementation with clear scope and expected outcomes. We offer also managed services as postimplementation solution support, providing training and education to clients support teams who take over management of solution over time.

Strategic consulting

We facilitate our clients in recognizing gaps, technical debt, and areas for enhancement through transformative projects. We aid clients in defining requirements for RFQs/RFPs and provide support throughout vendor selection and project delivery as a quality assurance partner.

Project Management

All projects are executed by skilled and experienced project managers who possess a solid technical comprehension of project scope, risks, and challenges. Our proven track record includes the successful delivery of 1000 MDs projects within regulated industries such as banking, telecommunications, and government.

Managed services

Post-implementation support is an available temporary option for all our delivered projects. The majority of our projects are focused on transformation, and we take pride in offering guidance and training to both technical and business owners on the client's side. In addition, we provide long-term Service Level Agreements for infrastructure and application management.

Reference projects

Global IT Asset Management

Goal: Identification of all IT assets of multinational company. Hardware lifecycle management process for end-user-devices, software asset management for management of license compliance.

Technology: Opentext Asset Manager & Universal Discovery

Solution: Distributed discovery across 12 countries, 22 datacenters, 50.000 desktops, 10.000 servers. Central asset management system, integrated with ERPs and other financial applications.

Central Servicedesk in a bank

Goal: Improve user experience, simplify service catalogue management, increase share of automated tasks (request fullfilment). Migrate support processes from legacy ITSM platform

Technology: Opentext Service Management Automation - X

Solution: On-premise high availability deployment of SMA-X, serving 10.000 end users. Fully migrated catalogue of services with semiautomated fullfilment worksflows.

Application Performance

Goal: Increase application visibility for L1 support teams, Improve time to detect incident, reduce time to identify root cause, proactively identify performance issues before release to production.

Technology: Cisco Appdynamics, Opentext OpsBridge

Solution: Appdynamics monitors applications in Java, .NET, Node.js, Traditional monolithic architecture as well as fully containerized deployed in Openshift. User experience monitoring on selected customer facing web applications. Database monitoring implemented to identify root cause on database or application level.

Why work with us?

We strive to be reliable partner for all stakeholders, build good reputation and mutual trust.


Variety of technical competencies to you can learn and enhance your CV

Senior colleagues who provide mentoring and technical guidance

Projects which are delivered on leading market technologies


Professional approach of team working for local and multinational companies

Track record of reliable project delivery

Senior consultants who constantly develop knowledge and skills


Reliable partner for joint business development

Strong commercial, legal and business knowledge of local market

Access to largest clients finance, telco, utility and automotive

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