Deep Instinct

To stay ahead of attacks, organizations need to stop threats faster, with greater accuracy, without slowing down business. Through the power of deep learning, Deep Instinct prevents >99% of known and unknown attacks, pre-execution.

Deep Instinct for Endpoint advantages:

  • Extremely lightweight agent

  • False positive rate <0.1% - Increases analyst productivity and efficiency to fight threats

  • Eliminates frequent cloud checks and agent updates

  • Maps to MITRE ATT&CK for faster investigations

  • Improves compliance standards for GDPR, PCI, and CCPA

  • Lowers TCO and increases ROI of your entire security stack

  • Provides extensive support across Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Linux

Prevention, prevention, prevention

With more than 350,000 new malware variants discovered each day and ransomware attacks – and their payouts – at an all-time high, it’s time to rethink threat detection and response. Deep Instinct predicts security risks others can’t see and prevents threats that others can’t stop.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is grounded in purpose-built deep learning cybersecurity framework. Powered by a deep neural network brain that mimics the logic and learning of the human brain, the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform anticipates and prevents attacks with unmatched speed and accuracy. Deep Instinct stops attacks before they happen, identifying malicious files in <20ms and preventing attacks preexecution.

Prevention–first approach provides a proactive security posture that protects your organization’s hybrid network while maintaining the lowest false positives in the industry. Regardless of your current security posture, you need Deep Instinct too.

Where Deep Instict stands out?


Using our unique deep learning deterministic and predictive algorithms, Deep Instinct can detect and prevent suspicious vs malicious threats with unmatched speed and efficacy even in today’s ever increasing threat landscape.


By stopping threats at preexecution, more than 10x faster than real-time, ransomware attacks have far fewer chances of being successful.

Deep Instinct Advantage

Proactive Prevention

  • Fastest response to prevent unknown cyber threats and malware

  • Prevent zero-day threats without rules and signatures

  • Automated actions to delete or quarantine based on policy

  • Prevent against adversarial ML attacks

Broad Protection

  • Supports the widest variety of file and fileless threat types

  • Multi-OS, multi-environment (Endpoint, Mobile, Server, Cloud)

  • Wide coverage of attack vectors

  • No internet or cloud connection required

No Security Trade-Offs

  • Highest efficacy in the industry

  • Lowest false positive rate (<0.1%)

  • No cloud updates or check-ins required to prevent a threat