Infrastructure & Platforms

Design and installation of infrastructure

  • Servers, storage, SAN, LAN based IBM Power technologies, x64 servers, IBM FlashSystem, IBM Tape System, IBM Storage Networking, IBM AIX and Linux

  • High availability solutions (IBM PowerHA, Red Hat HA, SLE HA, Veritas cluster, HPE Serviceguard), IBM Storage Protect

  • Design and implementation of full stack infrastructure for enterprise applications including high availability, disaster recovery and monitoring solutions.

Migration, consolidation, optimization

  • Virtualization and cloud platforms and storge replication technologies

  • Migration (including geographic) of existing applications to optimize IT costs and improve resiliency

  • Consolidation of geographically dispersed IT infrastructure, use of cloud services e.g. to maintain latency of migrated services

Highperformance computing

  • Servers, storage, network elements, low-latency networks (InfiniBand), central management and monitoring systems

  • Vendor agnostic in design and implementation of HPC infrastructure, intensive cooperation with the customer in the design and integration of solutions into the existing HPC environment (job scheduling, monitoring, etc.)


  • Design and implementation of customer's cloud environment from on-premise cloud to hybrid cloud

  • Focus on balanced approach to technology choice with regard to, simplicity and manageability

  • Assistance with adoption of cloud environments and the transition to a cloud-native way of developing and managing applications

Infrastructure automation

  • Enabling automated deployment of virtual servers and their integration with the customer's existing operational infrastructure

  • Monitoring, security standards, backups including automatic backup verification) and processes (resource approval, usage reporting)

Software defined storage

  • Customized data storage according to specific customer requirements for performance, capacity, specific usage

  • NAS, block-storage, S3 compatible storage, hybrid cloud storage, HPC, multimedia, archive

  • Traditional storage solutions do not cover specific customer requirements



  • Servers: Power, PowerVM

  • Storage: IBM Storage Protect, Storage Archive, FlashSystem, Tape System, Networking, Ceph, Scale

  • Operating systems: IBM AIX, Linux RHEL, SLES

  • Clustering: IBM PowerHA, Red Hat HA, SLE HA, Veritas cluster, HPE Serviceguard

  • NVIDIA InfiniBand

  • AWS, Azure, GCP


  • Pulumi, Terraform

  • Ansible, Puppet, xCat, Rundeck

  • OpenNebula, OpenStack, AWS

  • OpenShift, Rancher

  • Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, Centreon, Ganglia, LPAR2RRD, Stor2RRD

  • Jenkins, Sonarqube, Nexus, Gitea, CodeNow, CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, Azure DevOps

Services & Consulting

  • Infrastructure management with SLA (monitoring, reporting, capacity/performance reporting)

  • Resolving operational incidents and change requests including communication with HW vendors

  • Monitoring and reporting on performance parameters of the SLA itself (numbers and classification of incidents, monitoring compliance with defined response times and resolution of incidents and change requests)

  • Proactive approach to infrastructure development and optimization